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    * input: fixed position-offset, time and time-offset. · ea33ac4c
    Laurent Aimar authored
     * hotkeys: never _never_ use  demux_Control outside of src/input/ (it's
     completely broken,  there is a lot  more things to do),  all interfaces
     have  to  use  var_Get/Set  (time(-offset),  position(-offset),  state,
     rate(-slower|-faster)...  ).
     Btw,   input_SetStatus,   input_Seek,   input_Tell,   input_ChangeArea,
     input_ToggleES,  will   be  quickly   obsolete  and   removed(at  least
     unavailable for intf), so we should convert remaining interfaces (ie all
     except wx, osx, rc, http, hotkeys).
     * avi: implemented DEMUX_SET_TIME (not yet used).
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