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    v4l2: use device node capabilities rather than whole device's · b80cbc8a
    Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
    "capabilities" counter-intuitively specifies the overall capabilities of
    all device nodes provided by the given instance of the device driver.
    "device_caps" specifies the capabilities of the opened device node,
    if the V4L2_CAP_DEVICE_CAPS bit is set in "capabilities" (phew!).
    Those two sets of capabilities are different if the hardware has
    multiple functions, e.g. both video and VBI capture.
    VLC cares about the fact that the specific device node supports video
    capture or not, so lets use "device_caps" when available. Unfortatunely,
    this requires kernel version 3.4. In practice, this would only cause an
    actual failure if V4L2_CAP_STREAMING is set even though the current node
    does not support streaming I/O, I think.
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