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    Sam Hocevar authored
     * Fixed a segfault in the input thread creation, as well as a possible
       deadlock. This happened mostly when opening non-existing files.
     * Created input_SetStatus to do input_SetRate's job. input_SetRate will
       be used to set an arbitrary rate, for people who want to read DVDs at
       1/2.71828 times the actual speed.
     * Stubs for the ncurses control interface. No working code yet, but the
       holes just need to be filled.
     * Improved X11 support. Still not as functional as before.
     * The output window now states the method name, so that people know whether
       they are using X11 or SDL.
     * The Gnome interface is now drag'n'drop aware, you can drop a file
       on it just like Xine does (or so I guess).