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    Samuel Hocevar authored
      * Mandatory step for video output IV and the audio output quality
        fix: the output threads are now spawned when a decoder needs one,
        so it can decide the audio frequency or the video window size. Still
        under heavy construction, so don't get too excited at finding bugs
        in it yet.
        Note: this change broke the XVideo module, so I made its score much
        lower than before. I suspect had a bug before which only
        appears now. Other video output plugins may be broken as well, but
        again this might be due to old existing bugs showing their ugly head.
      * Fixed a few buffer overflows in the Gnome interface.
      * The module bank is now a global variable. The video output bank and
        the audio output bank might follow (when they exist).
      * Coding style and organization fixes to the spdif decoder.
      * autoconf and Makefile changes by Arnaud Gomes-do-Vale