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    A few new things: · 9ac8c0ec
    Pierre Baillet authored
    	. The interface part:
    			. created intf_AssignKey, intf_getKey and intf_AssignNormalKeys
    			these new function are a first abstraction of the the key handling system.			It makes use of a new structure in the interface : p_keys.
    			. AssignNormalKeys is commonly used in all the interface plugins.
    			AssignKey is used to allow the SDL interface to react nicely.
    			. Now the plugin struct element psz_filename is filled (and freed
    				at the end of the program).
    	. the SDL plugin:
    			works but does only display a green screen for now. so don't use it !
    	. Please try and compile the client on your box with this version.
    		I've tried a few output plugin but not all.