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    - Hardware YUV overlay (SDL) with real colors ;p It may suck for non · 9632f78e
    Arnaud de Bossoreille de Ribou authored
        4:2:0 streams.
      - Removed vout code found in intf file to support fullscreen switching.
        Now only vout_SDL updates SDL data and intf only switch flags such as
        b_reopen_display and b_fullscreen in p_vout->p_sys.
      - Fixed a var name typo in input_programs.c which prevents vlc from
        compiling with --enable-debug option. (i_es_pid -> i_es_id :)
    There's a segfault in the termination process due to sdl, I don't really
    know what is the problem and I have to work today. Help me!
    Good night suckers. I love you too :p
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