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    Samuel Hocevar authored
      Beginning of Interface II
     * Plugins have completely disappeared, we now only use the new module API.
     * All intf and vout modules are now independant. So far, only the Gnome
       intf module and the SDL vout module have been ported. has
       been modified to reflect the changes (x11 and dummy aren't compiled by
       default anymore, while SDL and Gnome are).
      Note that this is _not_ Interface II, it's just a step forward. For
      instance, it lacks the whole message passing scheme.
      Things that should work:
     * Right-clicking on the SDL video output window brings the Gnome menu.
     * Pause, Play, Exit, About work from the menu or from the interface window.
     * The old SDL keys still work.
       Things that are broken or may be broken:
     * Xlib calls are not locked yet, which may lead to "Unexpected async reply"
       errors, and make the vlc segfault.
     * Sound only works for the first file.
     * The SDL vout_sdl.c file is absolutely ugly and kludgey.
     * The vlc immediately quits when no filename is given as an argument. Not
       a real bug, but still annoying.
     * The Gnome menu does not work in fullscreen mode.
       Things that will come soon, maybe tomorrow:
     * Complete navigation buttons (fast forward, slow, etc.).
     * File/Open menu to add files to the playlist.
     * Return of the X11 video output for those of us who do not have SDL.
     * Textmode interface for those of us who do not have Gnome.
     * aout and vout autospawn (maybe).