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    -New function for DVD reading, that is able to read multiple blocks · 917d2574
    Stéphane Borel authored
    (I've chosen 32 now), that doesn't use any memcpy anymore and is also much
    faster. It is ready now for cell positioning in multi-angle DVD (to come
    -DVD specific netlist adapted to 2048 bytes long blocks that contain
    several data_packets.
    -Modification in mpeg_system.c to use p_payload_start instead of
    p_buffer (necessary for DVD plugin). It does not break other plugins
    since they set p_payload_start to p_buffer
    -New field i_read_once in input_thread_s to be able to read more than
    the TS related 7 packets ; i_read_once is set to INPUT_READ_ONCE by
    defaults but plugins can change it during initialisation.
    Please check that nothing is broken :)