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    New features for libdvdcss: we have three ways now to decode a title key. · 88a15495
    Stéphane Borel authored
    1) Crack the title key (the method that was here before). The only change
    here is that we search the key for the exact chapter we are seeking with
    DVDSetArea (in case the key has changed within a title). It is maybe not a
    good idea.
    2) Crack the disc key, which allows us to decode instantly all title keys.
    I've used an algorithm from Frank Stevenson ; it eats much memory (64MB),
    and takes about 15 s at launch time.
    3) Decode the disc key with player keys (libcss method). However, you need
    licensed player keys at build time for that to work.
    To choose between libdvdcss methods, a command line options is supplied:
            vlc --dvdcss <method> where method is one of title, disc, key.
    Note that all these changes only work with linux now, since we have to add a
    specific ioctl to read title key. I hope that I haven't broken too many things.