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     . version 0.2.50 for the Linux Expo
     . --overlay and --fulscreen options (only work with --vout sdl)
     . the vlc exits after the end of the stream, which prevents from having
       to kill it and relaunch it during a presentation, just script it like :
          for i in ~/mpeg/* ; do vlc --fullscreen --overlay --vout sdl $i ; done
     Yes, I know the --overlay stuff is fucking ugly. But *I* am not the one
      who redefines vout_sys_t in an interface-related source file. I won't
      change it until the vout/intf is finished being rewritten.
     Additional information: if "--overlay --fulscreen" doesn't center your
      picture, try with your screen geometry, eg:
      "--overlay --fullscreen --width 1024 --height 768"
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