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    * New Fullscreen controller panel · 6f54a530
    Felix Paul Kühne authored
    - basically written by Jerome Decoodt <djc at videolan dot org> aka DiDjCodt
    - various patches, coding-style fixes, etc. here and there
    - integration to VLCControls
    - automagic fading-in and -out when in fullscreen mode
    - get and use native graphics. These are currently being prepared by Simon Damkjaer Andersen, who already donated new playback mode icons (to be committed soon)
    - implement the volume slider
    - fix seeking with the time slider
    - check for memory leaks
    - further clean-up
    for the moment, you need certain images from Jerome's patch to get this running. Put them to extras/MacOSX/Resources/ and it'll work. Otherwise, VLC won't crash, but only show strings.