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    Sam Hocevar authored
      * Beginning of the built-in modules support.
       A few words about the changes:
      - heavy Makefile butchery has taken place, each plugin now has its own
        Makefile. I know recursive make blablah harmful, but it was just so
        much easier to do this way.
      - Makefile.in has disappeared, we now generate Makefile.opts with
        the overall configuration options, and Makefile.modules which is
        specific to module compilation.
      - After ./configure has been run you may want to modify Makefile.opts
        to check which modules will be compiled built-in or as plugins.
      - Some modules cannot be compiled built-in right now because proper
        linkage doesn't work yet. We don't really care since they're the
        interface or video output modules. The most important stuff works
        (iDCT, motion, YUV, input).
      - It's perfectly valid to compile a module both as built-in and as a
        plugin. vlc will only load the built-in one, but I'll add an option
        to ignore built-in modules for testing purposes.
      - We *should* see a performance increase here. I didn't have much time
        to test it, but if anyone can confirm and perhaps give a rough
        estimate of how much we gain...