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    Changes to the libvlc API: · 464bd2e5
    Sam Hocevar authored
      * ./include/vlc/vlc.h: changed the naming conventions for libvlc. Now
        exported functions start with VLC_ instead of vlc_ to avoid conflicts.
      * ./include/vlc/vlc.h: removed the vlc_object_t, vlc_list_t, vlc_error_t
        and vlc_t types; they are now internal types only.
      * ./include/vlc/vlc.h: merged the reentrant and non-reentrant libvlc
        calls. In non-reentrant mode, we just use 0 as the first argument. In
        reentrant mode, we use an object's ID. (see below)
    Internal changes:
      * ./src/libvlc.c, ./src/misc/objects.c: instead of manipulating vlc_object_t
        pointers, we manipulate their i_object_id. When needed, an object is
        retrieved using vlc_object_get (I hope the lookup isn't too expensive,
        that's why I designed the pp_objects layout to allow log2(n) seeks).
      * ./src/misc/objects.c: activated the per-object variable storage. Unused
        yet, unless you want to try "getfoo" and "setfoo blablah" in vlc -I rc.
      * ./include/vlc_objects.h: moved the vlc_object_t and vlc_list_t definitions
      * ./src/vlc.c, ./mozilla/vlcshell.cpp: removed inclusion of config.h in
        code portions not part of libvlc; it was just required for the
        COPYRIGHT_MESSAGE string which is now available from VLC_Version().