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    Qt4: Controller Rework. · 4396baf0
    Jean-Baptiste Kempf authored
    Introduction of an abstractController, that can:
    - create most of the interface controller widgets
    - execute their actions
    All buttons connect themselve to a mapper and a doAction( id_action )
    that centralize everything. The Action could go into a mainActionner, I guess. Opinions?
    This cleans a lot the signal and exchanges between MI and Controller,
    between Controller and FSC. The buttons do their own cooking and connect
    directly to THEMIM or to some of the few signals of the Controller
    (inputExist, inputHasVideo, inputCanRecord)
    This reworks most of the HACKS of Teletext Buttons and AtoB Buttons
    The FSC inherit from AbstractController and not Controller, which remove the b_fscreation HACK.
    There will be some regressions, I tried my best to minimize them.
    The code is generic enough to be able to customize the toolbars now. HAVE FUN!
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