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    * WARNING: Libvlc API change · 347e1ecf
    hartman authored
     - VLC_Set VLC_Get were changed to VLC_VariableGet VLC_VariableSet
     - VLC_ClearPlaylist was changed to VLC_PlaylistClear
     - Added a lot of new calls: 
       VLC_PositionGet, VLC_PositionSet, VLC_TimeGet, VLC_TimeSet,
       VLC_LengthGet, VLC_SpeedFaster, VLC_SpeedSlower, VLC_PlaylistIndex,
       VLC_PlaylistNumberOfItems, VLC_PlaylistNext, VLC_PlaylistPrev, 
       VLC_VolumeGet, VLC_VolumeSet, VLC_VolumeMute.
     - everything doxygenized.
     - There are NO mozilla functions of these additions yet. (someone else please?) 
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