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    Samuel Hocevar authored
      * COMPLETE CVS BREAKAGE !! The MAIN branch is going to be a playground
        for my nevrotic and destructive pulsions during the next few hours!
      * If you want to test vlc, please use the v0_2_92_branch branch.
      * Stuff currently working:
         - direct to YUV buffer decoding
         - non-ugly subtitle blending
         - XVideo and SDL video output
      * Stuff currently utterly broken:
         - aspect ratio
         - software rendering (ie, all other video output plugins)
      * Additional misc changes:
         - Renamed spu_dec to spudec and mad_adec to mad to stay coherent with
           other plugins. Also, renamed mpeg to mpeg_system.
         - Added jobi to the AUTHORS file.
         - Factored code common to vout_x11.c and vout_xvideo.c.