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     . the IDCT functions are now located in modules : the classic IDCT,
       our optimized IDCT, and MMX IDCT.
     . cosmetic changes for modules (pf_* instead of p_*)
     . fixes to the BeOS and dummy modules
       WARNING: a new directory has been added, which means you have to
       use `cvs update -dP' to update ; files have been removed , which means
       you either have to run `make distclean' or remove the .deps directory,
       and the configure script has changed, which means you have to run it
       again. Don't complain before having checked this :)
       Note about the IDCT modules: there is no way to choose the one we
       use, but you may remove the module in lib/ to prevent it from being
       loaded. The preference order is : MMX, Optimized, Classic.
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