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    vout: fix a deadlock with the picture pool lock · 22c80ce3
    Felix Abecassis authored
    A deadlock could occur in an high load situation where the vout and
    the decoder are taking excessive amounts of time.
    The vout thread repeatedly call ThreadDisplayPicture in its main loop
    until it returns an error, while keeping the picture pool locked. If
    no picture was recently received, the vout will redisplay the current
    picture (a "refresh") by calling ThreadDisplayRenderPicture with
    is_forced=true. If this refresh is excessively long, the vout thread
    will be stuck in a refresh loop. The decoder cannot make any progress
    since the picture pool lock is hold and the vout won't be polling for
    control commands, yielding a total deadlock of the program.
    This situation can be reproduced artificially by sleeping in the
    decoder and decreasing variable VOUT_REDISPLAY_DELAY.
    A simple solution to this issue is to exit the ThreadDisplayPicture
    loop after refreshing. Since a refresh typically occurs when no new
    pictures are received from the decoder, this should not decrease
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