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    Made object created by input_resource attached to a high level object. · 211f72ff
    Laurent Aimar authored
     The high level object must at least live as long as the input_resource,
    I used playlist, vlm or libvlc_media_player.
     It avoids invalid reparent of the vout, aout and sout on input changes.
     It breaks support for per input options used for creating vout, aout
    and sout (:sout= is not impacted). I will fix the vout case.
     It breaks invalid usages of vlc_object_find(INPUT, PARENT) used
    at least by :
     - the sout modules describe and display.
     - the sout statistics.
     - the vout splitter change
     - the snapshot vout display.
    I will fix the vout related ones.
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