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    Sam Hocevar authored
      * ./plugins/mga/mga.c: removed the mgammx module and put the code in
        the chroma_i420_ymga module instead. This introduces a slight
        performance issue as we now need to memcpy() the Y plane, but I have
        some vout4 enhancements on their way which make this point moot.
      * ./debian/changelog: imported official Debian changelog.
      * ./debian/control: activated the vlc-mad and vlc-arts packages; package
        builds should now work again.
      * ./plugins/dvd/dvd.c: solved a symbol resolution issue when vlc was
        compiled without libdvdcss which overflowed the return stack.
      * ./plugins/ggi/ggi.c: ported the GGI plugin to vout4.
      * ./plugins/glide/glide.c: ported the Glide plugin to vout4 (untested).
      * ./src/input/input.c: prepared everything for multi-input mode; since
        no interface is yet prepared to handle this, I changed them so that
        they just use the first available input for now. This may break other
        things, but I promise I'll eventually repair everything :-)