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    dvbsub.c: DVB subtitles decoder (ETSI EN 300 743). There is still a lot of · 1ddb23b6
    Damien Lucas authored
              things to write to implement competely the standard but this decoder
              will work in most of the pictures subtitles cases. Text subtitles
              decoding is not implemented at all.
              This decoder has been validated with CAVENA encoders after few
              remarks of their developpers.
    include/*: addded a p_spuinfo field in the decider_fifo_t and the
    codecs.h: added a dvb_spuinfo_t structure to identify the id of the selected
    modules/demux/mpeg: added the support of the dvb subtitles track. Need last
                        libdvbpsi (0x59 descriptor) to compile. The demuxer
                        creates n fake ES as each ES carries up to 256 subtitles
    This work is part of the work done by Anevia for the "Gran Theatro del
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