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    Sam Hocevar authored
       This commit is a bit early, but it'll save Stef, Henri and me much
     time later, when we don't have to backport modifications to input_*.c
       What's new :
        - playlist works again (still the old wrong way like Meuuh doesn't
        like, but this is going to change within a few hours)
        - input_ps, input_ts and input_dvd are now plugins, located in
        plugins/mpeg/ and plugins/dvd/
       What's broken :
        - audio output might be broken on some streams ; have to investigate
       What has changed :
        - fast/slow keys are now A/Z instead of A/S since S was already
        linked to the scale/noscale toggle.
        - `--dvd' doesn't work anymore, for the moment try to use :
         vlc --input dvd /dev/dvd
        - module bank is now less verbose ; use `--warn 1' to turn back
        verbosity on