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    Add gcc builds to appveyor.yml file · 03fc40e6
    Jon Turney authored and Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen's avatar Hugo Beauzée-Luyssen committed
    * It seems we must use gyp --no-parallel, as parallel operation fails in the
    appveyor environment for unknown reasons.
    * The Makefile written by gyp doesn't have an install target, so install the
    gyp build products (libbreakpad_client.a, breakpad-client.pc and
    Make work when builddir != srcdir
    Include 'make check' in
    * Apply a patch needed to build gtest r615 for Windows with -Werror=unused-variable
    * Ensure PATH is set so tests can find needed runtime DLLs
    * Relax a test which requires POSIX regex when built without them
    * Don't test ifstream.good() even though we haven't yet read at the EOF (this
    looks like a MinGW bug...)
    Remove os:unstable from appveyor.yml
    Apparently this might make the build use VMs on older, slower infrastructure
    Update for changed script name
    Maybe appveyor is fast enough for make check now
    Remove gtest patch as no longer needed
    Add to, rather than replace, msvs-only appveyor.yml
    Run unittests on gcc (still failures, though)
    Add cygwin to build matrix