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Strings review of telnet.c (Refs:#438)

parent 01150186
......@@ -69,13 +69,18 @@
static int Open ( vlc_object_t * );
static void Close( vlc_object_t * );
#define TELNETHOST_TEXT N_( "Telnet Interface host" )
#define TELNETHOST_LONGTEXT N_( "Default to listen on all network interfaces" )
#define TELNETPORT_TEXT N_( "Telnet Interface port" )
#define TELNETPORT_LONGTEXT N_( "Default to 4212" )
#define TELNETHOST_TEXT N_( "Telnet interface listen host" )
#define TELNETHOST_LONGTEXT N_( "This is the host on which the telnet " \
"interface will listen. It defaults to all network interfaces (" \
" I you want the telnet interface to be available only on the local " \
"machine, enter" )
#define TELNETPORT_TEXT N_( "Telnet interface port" )
#define TELNETPORT_LONGTEXT N_( "This is the TCP port on which the telnet " \
"interface will listen. It defaults to 4212" )
#define TELNETPWD_TEXT N_( "Telnet Interface password" )
#define TELNETPWD_LONGTEXT N_( "Default to admin" )
#define TELNETPWD_TEXT N_( "Telnet interface password" )
#define TELNETPWD_LONGTEXT N_( "The telnet interface uses a single " \
"administration password. The default value is \"admin\"." )
#define TELNETPWD_DEFAULT "admin"
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