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    demux: ogg: rewrite pts and pts computation (fix #9828) · ff681fc7
    François Cartegnie authored
    - Previous algorithm was unable to guess the first packet
    pts because of ogg design (some codecs/opus/vorbis have total
    sample at page granule and only granule on last packet. You
    then need to compute first packet pts backward using packets
    So we were stuck either assuming a start at pts/pcr zero, or
    be unable to handle ogg streaming (non zero start) correctly,
    or had to always drop the 0..N-1 packets for first page.
    We need libvorbis to correcly compute those durations (code
    is far more complex than opus's one).
    - Refactorized to discard the tons of cases appended
    with each new codec.
    - lots of other fixes in many places
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