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    * modules/macosx/{vout,voutqt}.m: The Mac OS X Mozilla plugin lives again! · ff146815
    Andre Pang authored
    Some details:
    * This was mostly taken verbatim from revision:5717 (before the vout
      Mozilla support was removed), though it's been edited pretty thoroughly,
      and is now much more commented.
    * The "normal" vout display should be completely unaffected, since the
      plugin-relevant code paths are only taken when p_vout->p_sys->b_embedded is
      set to VLC_TRUE.  (I've tested the normal VLC.app, and it seems fine.)
    * There are still some problems with the plugin when the Mozilla window is
      resized a lot.  I suspect this is due to threading issues with
      QuickDraw, but I don't know enough about QuickDraw to be sure.  Help
      with this would be very welcome.
    * The original patch in revision:5717 optimised the plugin display
      slightly, by using a mask (clipping region) so that QuickDraw only
      updated the plugin's area of the dirty region.  I elected not to use
      a mask, since I thought the extra code complexity (i.e. lots more if()
      branches) isn't worth the incremental speedup.  (If, in fact, there was
      a speedup at all -- the extra overhead induced by calculating the
      intersection of the dirty region with the mask may have offset any
      benefits: only benchmarks will tell ...)