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    * ALL: Better announce system · fab59c05
    zorglub authored
      - The SAP handler now runs in a separate thread.
      - RTP sessions can be announced with sap (sdp=sap://,name=...)
    	TODO: Make this more configurable
      - Better SDP generation (the timestamp problem is not resolved)
    	About this, there is a problem : as, for a RTP session, the URI
            is the complete SDP, if the session is recreated, as the URI has 
            changed, a new item is added to the playlist
      - Experimental flow control algorithm :
           It does not follow the "Recommended" implementation, as it needs
           to count the sessions (to achieve this, we should make this work
           together with the SAP listener)
           It is disabled by default (use --sap-flow-control to enable).
           When it is disabled, sap announcement interval is set by --sap-interval
    * src/misc/net.c : created net_ReadNonBlock
    * sap.c : Fixed memory problem