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    * ./src/misc/modules_plugin.h: exported input_ClockManageRef for fenrir. · eb1ec4a4
    Sam Hocevar authored
      * ./include/video.h: moved vout_CopyPicture out of the way, an inline
        function did not make sense here.
      * ./include/video.h: moved vout_ChromaCmp out of the way.
      * ./plugins/avi/fourcc.h, ./include/video.h: merged these two files into
      * ./include/os_specific.h: this file is now always included.
      * ./include/debug.h: removed this file which was almost useless, and moved
        ASSERT to common.h.
      * ./include/common.h: fixed vlc_memalign and changed its prototype to
        follow posix_memalign's.