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    gbazin authored
    * introduced a memalign wrapper that will align the memory manually if
      memalign doesn't exist.
      void *vlc_memalign( size_t align, size_t size, void **pp_orig )
      where the return value is the aligned pointer and *pp_orig is the pointer
      that has to be freed afterwards.
      the arithmetic I'm doing on the pointer to align it is not portable to
      64bits architectures. If someone knows how to something portable, please
      tell me ( and no I don't want to do if(sizeof(void *) == blabla) ).
      Other little problem, I was planning to use posix_memalign by default in
      the wrapper implementation but it doesn't work (someone can tell me what
      I'm doing wrong ?)
    * re-enabled the sse plugins on win32 as we don't have anymore alignment
    * fixed typo in vout_directx.c