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    Please test if this has any regressions · 354c7ab9
    hartman authored
    * include/codecs.h:
      - created a subtitle_data_t to be used by subtitle demuxers
        and decoders to pass information.
      - ToDo: access/dvd/es.c and spudec need to be fixed to use the palette field
        of this new struct.
    * modules/codec/subsdec.c:
      - moved the decoding of ssa textlines to here.
      - ToDo: support for any tags is lacking atm., but now possible.
    * modules/demux/mkv.cpp:
      - ssa is now passed undecoded to ssa subsdec.
      - ssa headers are passed to ssa subsdec via subtitle_data_t
      - ToDo: decode idx header info and fill the subtitle_data_t
      - ToDo: support for compressed vobsubs.
    * modules/demux/util/sub.?:
      - moved ssa decoding out of here.
      - ToDo: add support for multiple tracks
      - ToDo: implement reading vobsub .sub files (not .idx)