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    Load the command line into the LibVLC object variables (fixes #1941)... · 31b9f7d4
    Rémi Denis-Courmont authored
    ...instead of the configuration. As a side effect, the command line
    parameter should not be visible in the preferences, and more importantly
    not be saved as part of the persistent configuration (fixes #1428)
    (and really fixes older #1106).
    We might be able to remove a few "dummy" change_unsaveable(). Some of
    them really were just work-arounds for this bug. In principle, we could
    possibly remove all of them as long as we keep add_internal().
    Note that this commit will render any command line option inoperant if
    it is read with config_Get*() instead of var_Inherit*() or var_*Get*().
    I already fixed the most commonly used occurences, but there are some
    left, especially inside plugins.
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