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    * include/vlc_playlist.h · 12cbd4c8
    Clément Stenac authored
         * Implemented a boolean b_enabled to disable a playlist item
         * Implemented the idea of group (p_item->i_group), that allows
           to enable/disable and to sort some series of items
         * Implemented an unused (at the moment), psz_author field
         * Started to implement a new playlist format to store all of these
    * modules/gui/wxwindows/interface.cpp:
         Added a hiddeable panel to put some important options.
         (Menu Preferences->Extra GUI)
         At the moment, we put the adjust filter and aspect ratio, and must
         decide what options we want here
    * modules/gui/wxwindows/playlist.cpp
         Added "Enable/disable group button", options to enable/disable selection
         Added an item info dialog box
    * modules/misc/sap.c :
         Added a sap-group-id option: the SAP playlist items are in a separate group
         (defaults to 42)
    * modules/visualization/visual/effects.c:
         Minor coding style fixes
    * Advanced sort (alphabetical and/or by group)
    * Ability to load 0_6 playlists
    * Really use the libid3tag
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