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    * src/video_output/video_output.c : do not use FIND_ANYWHERE to catch · 0925ed0b
    Laurent Aimar authored
     the playlist.  but use FIND_PARENT. vlc_object_find  with FIND_ANYWHERE
     use p_obj->p_vlc as a starting point  and that doesn't work as playlist
     is  detach from  vlc before  vout is  destroyed by  the decoders  (when
     shutting down)  Perhaps vlc_object_find  should be  fixing to  find the
     root object, but I'm not sure.
     * src/input/*  : move  subtitle handling  from avi  to input.  Now subs
     should works with all file types _BUT_ won't be in synch if the demuxer
     doesn't implement a _precise_ DEMUX_GET_TIME.  So only .avi, .mp4 will
     be ok. Others could works if perfectly cbr.
      Now  Subtitle  track is  only  selected  when specified  by  sub-file
     option.(auto-dectected file is always added but not selected by default)
      Btw, the code could support multiple  subs files, but I don't know how
     to pass multiple filenames, any ideas ?
     * demux/mpeg/mpga.c : play with es_out_t. I'm investigating for now so
     don't use that elsewhere.