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Draft: pipewire: add PipeWire services discovery and access module

Ayush Dey requested to merge pw-services-discovery into master

Add PipeWire services discovery and access module

Google Summer of Code 2024
Mentee: Ayush Dey
Mentor: Thomas Guillem


The objective is to integrate a PipeWire input and services discovery module, similar to the way it has already been done for the PulseAudio modules.
Issue: #28512


  • PipeWire services discovery module to list source nodes.
  • PipeWire access module to capture audio and video data through source nodes.
  • Static library containing common helper code related to PipeWire.


I would like to thank the team at VideoLAN for their support, and especially my mentor Thomas Guillem, who has actively guided me throughout the development of this feature.

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