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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 0.9.10
    630a95b1 · Update NEWS ·
    VLC for Android 0.9.10
    This release adds support for ARMv8 processors, limited Android-L acceleration,
    add support for keyboard, cleans the code and fixes minor issues.
  • 0.9.9
    VLC for Android 0.9.9
    This release fixes a few small crashes, notably on the libVLC side, allows
    to install VLC as a system app and fixes the lockscreen widgets.
    It also updates all the translations (60+)
  • 0.9.8
    VLC for Android 0.9.8
    This release fixes a few small bugs, notably compatibility with 2.1, MIPS support,
    default orientation, some media detection and crashes.
    It also updates libVLCjni API and translations
    1a162fd8 · Update NEWS for ·
    VLC for Android
    This release focuses on fixing a regression with the navigation menu.
  • 0.9.7
    VLC for Android 0.9.7
    This release mostly improves DVD navigation and playback, fixes crashes with
    Android L and x86 devices and updates most translations
  • 0.9.6
    VLC for Android 0.9.6
    This release mostly fixes the equalizer and a few crashes in the interface.
    It also upgrades most translations.
  • 0.9.5
    b465cae4 · Update NEWS for 0.9.5 ·
    VLC for Android 0.9.5
    This is a quick release focused on crashes in the UI and during decoding,
    notably with hardware-decoding and while creating the thumbnails
  • 0.9.4
    VLC for Android 0.9.4
    This release is focused on design fixes and updates, native crashs upload,
    tutorials on first start, DVD support and crashes fixes.
    Most translations are updated too.
  • 0.9.3
    87aab910 · 0.9.3 on the go ·
    VLC for Android 0.9.3
    This is a quick release, fixing an important crash in the AudioService/RemoteControl
  • 0.9.2
    ee1c69f1 · Update the TESTED_HASH ·
    VLC for Android 0.9.2
    This release is focused on fixing bugs, crashes and updating translations.
    It also adds DVD .iso support
  • 0.9.1
    VLC for Android 0.9.1
    This is a crash-fixing release of 0.9.1. It should notably fix crashes on 2.3.x
  • 0.9.0
    VLC for Android 0.9.0
    This is a major release of VLC for Android with better hardware acceleration,
    a new UI and numerous new features
  • 0.1.3
    VLC for Android 0.1.3
    This release brings Android 4.3 video compatibility and various fixes :)
  • 0.1.2
    31a656ee · News about 0.1.2 ·
    VLC for Android 0.1.2
    This release brings:
     - Numerous fixes
     - LGPL relicensing of the libVLC jni+java part
     - Manual subtitles selection
     - Faster decoding
  • 0.1.1
    9837e1e6 · NEWS for 0.1.1 ·
    VLC for Android 0.1.1
    This release brings numerous fixes and a few translation updates
  • 0.1.0
    1d45df24 · Update NEWS for 0.1.0 ·
    VLC for Android 0.1.0
    This release brings:
     - Updates of the core, codecs and VLC
     - New controls in notifications
     - New dialogs for speed/sleep and seek
     - Split of libVLC library and VLC application
     - Fix numerous crashes and subtitles issues
     - Update translations
  • 0.0.11
    191d4c9f · Improve NEWS ·
    VLC for Android 0.0.11
    This release brings:
    - Numerous small fixes for recurrent crashes
    - Better debugging log facility
    - Show seek position when locked
    - Avoid running thumbnailer when just playing audio
    - Improve the overlay fading after a gesture
  • 0.0.10
    2eaf168f · Minor release 0.0.10 ·
    VLC for Android 0.0.10
    Bugfix re-release of 0.0.9 because of 2 important crashes and breakage of spu selection
  • 0.0.9
    VLC for Android 0.0.9
    This release brings:
     * experimental RGB-16 and YUV video output
     * faster decoding
     * OpenSL ES as the default audio output
     * Fixes for SD card detection
     * Subtitles encoding selection
     * Fixes for audio track selections
     * So many other improvements and fixes
  • 0.0.8
    VLC for Android 0.0.8
    This release brings:
     * SD cards autodetection, including external ones
     * Faster thumbnailing
     * Android 4.2 support
     * Better headset control
     * Remaining time in fullscreen
     * Selectable orientation behaviour
     * Capability to restart a movie from the Video List