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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • 2.2.0
    VLC for iOS 2.2.0
    This is the second major version of the new VLC for iOS app.
    It brings a new style to match iOS 7, adds support for a large number of
    protocols, codecs and formats, adds Google Drive synchronisation, Dropbox
    streaming and multi-touch gestures controls.
  • 2.1.3
    f2c3559b · Update version to 2.1.3 ·
    VLC for iOS 2.1.3
    Quick and simple release to fix a crash in MediaLibraryKit title cleaner.
  • 2.1.2
    c6baee69 · Deploy new translations ·
    VLC for iOS 2.1.2
    This version is just a bugfix version to fix the most important crashes, notably for iOS7
  • 2.1.1
    0c476c24 · Another VLCKit bump ·
    VLC for iOS 2.1.1
    This quick update fixes important issues from 2.1.0:
     * Improved UPnP handling
     * Improved interaction with third party apps
     * Improved visual appearance on iPad
     * Added support for Teletext-based DVB subtitles
     * New translations to Arabic, Polish, and Korean
     * Other stability improvements
  • 2.1
    VLC for iOS 2.1
    This is the first major update to this new port.
    Notably: Improved subtitles, FTP server support, basic UPNP support, new menu, playback of audio-only media, many stability improvements.
  • 2.1.0
    VLC for iOS 2.1.0
    This is a new version of VLC for iOS, adding numerous features and fixes.
     - Add support for subtitles in non-western languages (#8991)
     - Add UPNP discovery and streaming (#8880)
     - Add FTP server discovery, streaming and downloading (#9064)
     - Add Bonjour announcements for the WiFi Uploader's website (#8741)
     - Add playback of audio-only media (#9044)
     - Add Deinterlace option (off by default, #8813)
     - Newly implemented menu and application flow (#9045)
     - Improved Subtitles support, VoiceOver and accessibility support, video output
       on external screens, Passcode Lock and so many other
     - New translations to Bosnian, Catalan, Galician, Greek, Marathi, Portuguese,
  • 2.0.2
    VLC for iOS 2.0.2
    This is a quick release to fix the major issues found in the release.
    It notably:
     - fixes the MPEG audio decoding (including MP2 and MP3)
     - fixes dropbox integration, navigation and VoiceOver
     - fixes UI bugs on iOS5
     - fixes CSS issues on the Wifi Upload page
     - fixes subtitles for Greek, Cyrillic and Vietnamese
     - fixes various crashes and misbehaviours
     - add vlc:// protocol handler
  • 2.0.1
    65e89aeb · Bump version to 2.0.1 ·
    VLC for iOS 2.0.1
    Small fixes for crashes, misbehaviours and updates of translations
  • 2.0.0
    VLC for iOS 2.0.0
    Rebirth of the iOS application, rewritten from scratch.
    So far, licensed under GPLv2+ and MPLv2 for AppStore compatibility.
  • 1.0-pre1
    1.0-pre1 approved by App Store