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  • tv3.0.11
    f235caeb · Update NEWS for release ·
    VLC for tvOS 3.0.11
    · Fix playback of 10bit and 12bit content encoded in HEVC or AVC on tvOS 14 and later
  • 3.2.12
    f235caeb · Update NEWS for release ·
    VLC-iOS 3.2.12
    · Fix playback of 10bit and 12bit content encoded in HEVC or AVC on iOS 14 and later
  • 3.2.11
    VLC-iOS 3.2.11
    · Fix adding new item to playlists
    · Update Dutch translation
  • 3.2.10
    VLC-iOS 3.2.10
    · Fix subtitle not showing issue
    · Minor UI fix
  • tv3.0.9
    e227642c · tvOS: bump app version ·
    VLC for tvOS 3.0.9
    Minor update with some smaller UI fixes and improved decoding
  • tv3.0.10
    e85dc39d · Bump tvOS version ·
    VLC for tvOS 3.0.10
    Emergency update fixing subtitle display broken in the previous update
  • 3.2.9
    VLC-iOS 3.2.9
    · Add option to enable Chromecast audio passthrough
    · Fix adding media to existing playlists
    · Fix WiFi sharing on IPv6-only networks
    · Greatly improve AV1 decoding performance by updating dav1d
    · Improve adaptive streaming behavior
    · Improve seeking accuracy for certain mp4 media
    · Fix silence after pausing video playback
  • 3.2.8
    VLC-iOS 3.2.8
    · Add support to create media groups manually
    · Port subtitles support from tvOS
    · Fix potential Files app hiding issue
    · Improve application startup time
    · Improve sharing of the library on the local network between multiple VLCs
    · Minor UI improvements and fixes
  • tv3.0.7
    VLC for tvOS 3.0.7
    Update VLCKit to include a number of accumulated bugfixes and update to the current SDK
  • tv3.0.8
    VLC for tvOS 3.0.8
    Minor bugfixes improving the overall experience compared to the previous update.
  • 3.2.7
    4d17f10c · Version Bump by fastlane ·
    VLC-iOS 3.2.7
    This is a bug fix release, we are actively working on media groups.
    · Fix streaming content on Google Drive
    · Add passcode protection for WiFi Sharing
    · Re-add more granular playback speed control
    · Display file size information in Edit mode
    · Fix repeating media when shuffle is disabled
    · Fix uploads of media larger than 10 GB via WiFi
    · Fix storage of recent network streams without iCloud
    · Fix random playback control through lock screen
    · Fix progress display for downloads via FTP
    · Fix missing Share sheet on iPad
    · Fix Chromecast button not to show in some cases
    · Minor UI improvements and fixes
  • 3.2.6
    53bcbd81 · Version Bump by fastlane ·
    VLC-iOS 3.2.6
    · Fix media title display
    · Fix Box session storage
  • 3.2.5
    4cefd8b4 · Version Bump by fastlane ·
    VLC-iOS 3.2.5
    · Add setting to enable/disable media library iCloud backup
    · Add snap to playback speed with haptic feedback
    · Improve overall iOS 9 stability
    · Update media thumbnail after playback
    · Fix UPnP CPU usage issue
    · Fix potential crash with Plex
    · Fix repeat all mode in playback
    · Fix thumbnail generation on iOS 9
    · Fix media library backup on iCloud
    · Fix cloud services connected account count
    · Fix launch of media playback during a playback
    · Fix unknown and various artists addition and deletion
    · Fix potential crash while deleting an audio collection
  • 3.2.4
    da319bac · Version Bump by fastlane ·
    VLC-iOS 3.2.4
    · Fix iOS 9 audio playback issues
    · Improve the edit mode toolbar, following user feedback
    · Add import for all supported files from iCloud
    · Add album title inside an audio track description label
    · Fix wrong colors in network views
    · Fix Chromecast background playback
    · Fix default sort for audio collections
  • 3.2.3
    53a9db8a · Version Bump by fastlane ·
    VLC-iOS 3.2.3
    · Add sorting into media collections
    · Add settings to hide thumbnails and artwork
    · Add "Quick actions" on media files and collections
    · Fix shuffle mode
    · Fix right to left experience for media players
    · Fix optimize name setting
    · Fix Fritzbox UPnP listing
    · Fix cell height in settings
    · Fix progress bar being shown for media collections
    · Fix undefined media names when importing through Wi-Fi
    · Fix crash with "Open in" activity for iPads
    · Fix potential crash after media deletion
    · Fix potential crash with external and Chromecast devices
    · Rework overall edit mode layout and behaviour
    · Various SMB improvements
    · Various media library stability improvements
  • 3.2.2
    4d5d62b8 · Version Bump by fastlane ·
    VLC-iOS 3.2.2
    · Add automatic video grouping by name
    · Add deletion to audio collections such as artist and albums
    · Add setting to force rescan of the media library
    · Fix HTTP download if file already exist
    · Fix swipe gesture settings affecting double tap to seek
    · Fix meta data for external media
    · Fix Box cloud service overall usage
    · Fix download progress
    · Fix download enqueuing
    · Fix download speed calculation
    · Remove network login automatic capitalization and completion
    · Rework download view according to new design
    · Update translations
  • 3.2.1
    43ef6d68 · Version Bump by fastlane ·
    VLC-iOS 3.2.1
    · Add automatic appearance setting for iOS 13
    · Add indicator inside a playlist for reordering
    · Adapt empty view for current context
    · Fix SMB 2 credential storage
    · Fix local network navigation
    · Fix local network infinite reloading
    · Fix local network connection dialog
    · Fix external screen, AirPlay mirroring black screen
    · Fix opening media from other applications using x-callback-url
    · Fix artwork being shown after backgrounding the application during playback
    · Fix cancel button not being shown on the local network connect screen on iPads
    · Fix minor stability and interface issues
  • 3.2.0-b4
    251a682e · Version Bump by fastlane ·
    Testflight public beta 4
  • 3.2.0
    52a55c22 · Version Bump by fastlane ·
  • 3.2.0-b3
    5d20996a · News: Update for 3.2.0 ·
    Testflight public beta 3