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  • 3.1.2
    7893c60c · Version Bump by fastlane ·
    VLC for iOS 3.1.2 . Added an activity indicator for buffering
    · The background setting to continue playback is ignored when external screens are used
    · Sorting in folders gets saved correctly
    · Fixed playback pausing once external output devices like bluetooth headphones are disconnected
    · Deinterlacing is disabled by default now modern devices no longer support this, which led to high battery usage
    · Stability improvements for the H264 and H265 decoder and Chromecasting
  • 3.1.1
    f4a7ad53 · Version Bump by fastlane ·
    VLC for iOS 3.1.1 · Fixed the swiping Gestures to change brightness and Volume
    · Chromecasting is not stopping anymore when locking the device
    · Fixed Video not being displayed over an external Screen via HDMI
    · Fixed Audio not working after pausing and leaving the App
    · Fixed opening external files in VLC or from the Files app
    · Fixed an issue where songs where skipped when playing albums or playlists
    · Better 360 video behavior when panning
  • 3.1.0
    d2bc297f · Version Bump by fastlane ·
    VLC for iOS 3.1.0 · We added a feature many of you waited for: Chromecast support
    · We fixed a bug where files on your phone were not displayed in VLC
    · 360 videos can be viewed by moving your phone now
    · Stability and performance improvements when decoding H.264/H.265 in hardware
    · Improved audio playback quality
    · Fixed a regression preventing the download of certain media files via http
    · Fixed a regression where downloaded files might disappear
    · Fixed a regression where users couldn't log into Google Drive
  • tv3.0.2
    db45de3b · Version Bump by fastlane ·
    VLC for tvOS 3.0.2 · Fixes issues with not being able to resume playback
    · Fixes issues with no subtitles after selection
  • 3.0.3
    eee1802d · Version Bump by fastlane ·
    VLC for iOS 3.0.3 · Hitting play after backgrounding VLC is finally fixed
    · Opening a txt file on iOS won't jump into VLC anymore (we obviously still support this subtitle format)
    · Instead of a black screen, when opening certain HEVC files, we now have a playing video
    · Fixes an issue were users were prompted to enter a passcode without ever setting one
    · We also fixed multiple crashes
    · Scrubbing in the lock screen was added
    · Fixes a crash when opening a Folder
  • 3.0.2
    VLC for iOS 3.0.2 · Fixes issues with TouchID and FaceID
    · Fixes a crash when opening a Folder
  • tv3.0.1
    VLC for tvOS 3.0.1 · Fixes a crash browsing files on local file servers
  • 3.0.1
    VLC for iOS 3.0.1 · Fixes a crash browsing files on local file servers
    · the "use TouchID setting" is now respected
    · Fixes a crash when locking your UI on iPhone X
  • 3.0.0
    74844af3 · bump version ·
    VLC for iOS 3.0.0 · Added support for Drag and Drop
    · Added Files integration
    · Added FaceID support
  • tv3.0.0
    0c8551d0 · update News ·
    VLC for Apple TV 3.0.0 · Crash fixes when browsing or searching the local network
  • 2.9.0
    VLC for iOS 2.9.0 · · Stability improvements and bug fixes
  • tv1.1.3
    VLC for Apple TV 1.1.3 · .srt subtitles are being displayed again
  • 2.8.9
    VLC for iOS 2.8.9 · .srt subtitles are being displayed again
  • tv1.1.2
    VLC for Apple TV 1.1.2 · Fix a crash on start when there are two devices with the same name in the network
  • 2.8.8
    VLC for iOS 2.8.8 · This version will not reboot your iPhone X when playing HEVC files
    · We stopped the madness of doubling files!
    · When passcode is enabled Touch Id won't pop up multiple times when you enter the background
    · SMB Servers will show up again and are accessible
    · Sharing your Media with other Services and saving to Camera Roll works again
    · Subtitle font settings for .srt files can now be applied
    · And as always - Stability improvements and bug fixes
  • tv1.1.1
    d3480bfe · Update NEWS ·
    VLC for Apple TV 1.1.1
    Minor bug fixes and stability improvements
  • 2.8.7
    d3480bfe · Update NEWS ·
    VLC for iOS 2.8.7
    Fixed SSA rendering, inter-app audio management and Google Drive login
  • 2.8.6
    b63009bb · bump buildversion ·
    VLC for iOS 2.8.6
    · Adjusted the UI for iPhone X
    · Fixes the app termination on devices for iOS 7 and iOS 8
    · Adds Full support for HEVC 4k videos
    · General bug fixes
  • tv1.1.0
    183a102b · Bump version ·
    VLC for Apple TV 1.1
    Major update for Apple TV with newly updated VLCKit, VideoToolbox decoding, dark mode and support for Apple TV 4K
  • 2.8.5
    183a102b · Bump version ·
    VLC for iOS 2.8.5
    Security fix and minor bug fixes