• Hello, I am Manoj and a beginner to this open-source world. your project and ideas have inspired me to contribute to it. I don't know much about this, but I am eager to contribute to your project and make VLC better than before. I want to learn how this UI works and other functionalities. please tell me that how can I start my contribution to it?

  • Hello @Manoj, VLC's GUI module for Windows and Linux is made with Qt Framework. So, you should know C++ and Qt framework to contribute. Qt QML is also heavily used for the UI. You should have at least intermediate level of QML knowledge.

    To start contributing, I'd suggest checking out the recent patches (https://patches.videolan.org/project/vlc-devel/list/) that start with "qt" and "qml" tag and browsing through the codebase. The GUI module interacts with libVLC to provide functionality. You can clone the master branch and do some basic improvements to see how it works. Good luck!

  • Thanks for your help, I have learned some basics about the qt framework and practicing it by doing some project work, but the code look very tough for me. can you please provide me your mail id or anything through which I can connect with you. I have many doubts. can you please help me.

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