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LibVLCSharp version 3.4.4
* Core: Improve LibVLC loading error messages
* Core: Remove dead Unity code
* Core: Bring back C#8 support, nullables, .netstandard2.1 target. Work by @jeremyVignelles, users need an up to date Xamarin.Android build otherwise their linker will freeze.
* Core: Add new constructor to media that accepts a URI, by new contributor @mhmd_azeez
* Uno.UWP: Customize LibVLCSharp.Uno.pri file generation by @kakone, fixes Uno UWP support
LibVLCSharp version 3.4.3
* Fix build for older C# compilers
* Centralize and simplify static callbacks management, and introduce new Media constructor with MediaInput abstraction
* Always load libcpp on Android
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