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  • 0.13.0-rc.2
    medialibrary 0.13.0-rc.2
    This release candidate adds several fixes and missing features from the
    Medialibrary rc.2 changelogs:
    * Expose the total number of media in `Subscription` and `Service` ML
    * Expose listing methods in `Service`
    * Add new playlist filtering types: `Video` and `Audio`
    * Add helpers to refresh all the subscription
    * Fix an abort when inserting duplicated subscriptions
  • 0.13.0-rc.1
    medialibrary 0.13.0-rc.1
    This release candidate prepare the arrival of 0.13.0 which is quite
    big in term of new features.
    Medialibrary 0.13.0 new features:
    * Podcast and subscriptions
    * Media caching
    * New `duration` accessor in `IFolder`
    * New private/public state for content exposing
    * Playlist API refining
  • 0.12.3
    medialibrary 0.12.3
    This is a bugfix release, that removes leftover limitations in the
    search feature by removing the hardcoded limit of 3 characters (which
    were actually bytes) in the pattern.
    It also fix the search of partial words when searching media in folders.
  • 0.12.2
    4260aa05 · Bump libvlcpp submodule ·
    medialibrary 0.12.2
    This is a bugfix relase. It only fixes the history modification
    callbacks, and allows to build with recent libvlc 4.x through a libvlcpp
    submodule bump.
  • 0.12.1
    medialibrary 0.12.1
    This is a minor bugfix release to the 0.12.x branch. It contains:
    - Fix network drives listing on Win32
    - Fix incorrect benchmarks code, which was not testing the actual
    - Fix build for OpenWrt
    - Fix build with upstream llvm/libc++
    - Fix logger usages before a logger was set
    - Updates libvlc/libvlcpp API usage for 4.0 branch
  • 0.12.0
    medialibrary 0.12.0
    This is a small release with a couple API breaks.
    It doesn't bring major new features, and focuses on:
    * Providing logger parameters as part of the medialib initialization
    * Allow a media to be marked as played without updating its progress
    It also hides the conversion of media to external media as an internal
    detail, in order to simplify the implementation of entry points removal
    for the applications.
    Changes can be found here: https://code.videolan.org/videolan/medialibrary/-/milestones/7#tab-merge-requests
  • 0.11.2
    medialibrary 0.11.2
    This is the second bugfix release for the 0.11.x branch.
     * Album and Genre tracks are now correctly updated when an
       entrypoint is removed from the indexed locations (#432)
     * Album duration will be correctly updated when an entrypoint
       containing some of the album tracks gets unindexed.
     * Only embedded thumbnails are used for video media, cover.jpg files
       and similar are now ignored (#431)
    This release bumps the database model to version 36
  • 0.11.1
    medialibrary 0.11.1
    This is the first 0.11.x bugfix release. It solves a few issues reported
    on VLC for Android and iOS. Notably it:
    - Fixes a critical issue that would cause a systematic crash when the
      last file associated with a genre was deleted (#425)
    - Fixes an issue when removing a media that had a bookmark associated
      with it (#429)
    - Fixes a potential crash when interrupting a discovery to start another
      one (#424)
    It also cleans up a bit of code and starts to address the large binary
    This update bumps the database model to version 35
  • 0.11.0
    medialibrary 0.11.0
    This release adds numerous features and greatly improves the overall
    The most noticable changes are:
    - Fixing the database locking to avoid various crash when clearing the database
    - Rework of the internal locking to fix many potential deadlock, especially when replacing the external libvlc instance
    - Account for unknown duration in playlists
    - Add many missing database indexes
    - Merge AlbumTrack table in Media
    The full list of changes is available at
  • 0.9.6
    medialibrary v0.9.6
    This release fixes a potential issue when clearing the database (#399)
  • 0.9.5
    medialibrary v0.9.5
    This is a minor stable release that prevents folders at the root of a
    removable device to lack a name when the device is missing (#396)
  • 0.10.1
    MediaLibrary 0.10.1
    This version fixes some potential crashes or database corruption:
    - An external audio file with multiple tracks would cause a constraint
      violation. This is worked around for now and is properly handled in
    - When forcing a playlist rescan, the internal counters were not reset,
      which would cause them to grow exponentially each time a rescan was
      performed. They are now properly reset to 0
    In addition, a few minor fixes and improvements:
    - Guessing an unknonwn media type based on its extension was done in a
      case sensitive way. Now it will be performed in a case insensitive way
    - .far .669 and .mtm extensions are now recognized
  • 0.9.4
    MediaLibrary v0.9.4
    This version fixes a couple minor issues:
    - Guessing an unknonwn media type based on its extension was done in a
      case sensitive way. Now it will be performed in a case insensitive way
    - .far .669 and .mtm extensions are now recognized
  • 0.10.0
    Initial 0.10.x release
    This release:
    - Exposes a number of Seen media in media groups
    - Exposes playlists duration
    - Adds filtering playlists by the type of media they contain
    - Allows to sort albums by their import date
    - Allows to sort artists by number of albums & last playback date
    It also fixes some potential deadlocks and other bugs.
    See https://code.videolan.org/videolan/medialibrary/-/milestones/5 for
    the full list of issues & merge requests associated with this version.
  • 0.6.0
    0c386805 · CI: Disable win32 tests ·
    MediaLibrary 0.6.0
    This release only adds a couple new features: video groups and database
    It mostly improves stability and is now much more robust than before.
    It notably:
    - Adds a title analyzer for video
    - Fixes many SQL constraint violations during analysis
    - Adds SQL schema integrity checks after migrations
    - Adds an unhandled exception callback for the application to log those
    - Adds support for recreating the database but keep the manually create playlists
    - Fixes a linking issue when using the .pc file
    - Handles files larger than 2^32 bytes
    - Fixes various crash/issues during rescan or refresh
    - Improves filesystem errors handling
    - Handles more sporadic SQL errors
    - Fixes a drift in folder media count
    - Adds by-name video group support
    ...And a lot more internal changes!
  • 0.5.0
    35bbe667 · Bump version to 0.5.0 ·
    MediaLibrary 0.5.0
    This is a release aiming at being used by VLC for Android and iOS 3.2.x
    It contains many fixes and improvements, including but not limited to:
    - Improved support for linking entities together
    - Better thumbnail sharing
    - Early bookmarks support
    - Support for overriding external media with a discovered media
    - Better notification support, which won't be held until the last one
    - Listing banned entrypoints
    - Refreshing modified files is now supported
    - It is now possible to interrupt the background tasks
    - More safety checks for the database models
    - Support for multiple thumbnails per media
    - Support for thumbnail relocation
    - Better playlist support
    And many other fixes & improvements.
    This release uses the database model v18
  • 0.4.0
    MediaLibrary 0.4.0
    This is a release aiming at being used by VLC for Android 3.1.0
    It contains many fixes and improvements, including but not limited to:
    - Support for network devices
    - Lazy loading for the thumbnails
    - Better artwork management
    - Support for subtitle tracks
    - Support duplicated content in playlists
    - Add search support for playlists
    - List content by folders
    - No history limit
    - Better removable device management
    - Better win32 support
    And many other fixes & improvements.
    This release uses the database model v14
  • 0.3.0
    medialibrary 0.3.0
    This is the 2nd "actual" medialibrary release.
    it's used in the stable VLC for Android release (3.0.4) and will be
    supported as part of the 0.3.x branch
  • 0.2.0
    67797d1b · Update copyrights ·