Commit 44690830 authored by Xuefeng Jiang's avatar Xuefeng Jiang


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......@@ -2761,11 +2761,11 @@ cglobal ipred_cfl_ac_444, 4, 7, 7, -5*16, ac, y, stride, wpad, hpad, w, h
cglobal ipred_paeth, 3, 6, 8, -9*16, dst, stride, tl, w, h
%define base r5-ipred_paeth_ssse3_table
movifnidn hd, hm
tzcnt wd, wm
pxor m0, m0
movd m5, [tlq]
pshufb m5, m0
movifnidn hd, hm
lea r5, [ipred_paeth_ssse3_table]
movsxd wq, [r5+wq*4]
movd m4, [base+ipred_paeth_shuf]
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