Commit c2f53236 authored by Thomas Guillem's avatar Thomas Guillem

compile: ignore private_libs build error

Removed from VLC 4.0.
It should be removed here after 3.0 branching.
parent ac70d21c
......@@ -905,9 +905,7 @@ $ANDROID_NDK/ndk-build$OSCMD -C libvlc \
NDK_PROJECT_PATH=private_libs \
checkfail "ndk-build failed for private libs"
NDK_TOOLCHAIN_VERSION=clang 2>/dev/null
echo "Dumping dbg symbols info ${OUT_DBG_DIR}"
......@@ -916,4 +914,3 @@ OUT_DBG_DIR=.dbg/${ANDROID_ABI}
mkdir -p $OUT_DBG_DIR
cp -a libvlc/jni/obj/local/${ANDROID_ABI}/*.so ${OUT_DBG_DIR}
cp -a libvlc/private_libs/obj/local/${ANDROID_ABI}/*.so ${OUT_DBG_DIR}
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