1. 27 Jan, 2012 9 commits
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      Makefile: nicer output · b72df915
      Rafaël Carré authored
      Hide a few commands which only do "echo" or "rm"
      Add a "Generating xxx" macro which hides command run
      Remove -q from ant options to see on which files it works
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      Makefile: be quiet by default, use V=1 for verbose · cd1cd58b
      Rafaël Carré authored
      Align with current practices of automake and ndk-build
      make V=1 will show exact gcc flags used for libvlcjni.so
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      cosmetics · 99a75bc4
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      .gitignore: remove dupe · 0d1e1b22
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      Get sdk.dir from $ANDROID_SDK · 3d9e621a
      Rafaël Carré authored
      Let local.properties override the definition if it exists
      Don't generate local.properties anymore
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      ignore neon libs · d73eaac5
      Rafaël Carré authored
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      Add a new utility function to create a libvlc media · 3a30e205
      Rafaël Carré authored
      - Declare it in shared utils.h for thumbnailer.c
      - Fix a memleak related to jstring->string in getLengthFromFile()
      - Create a java helper to get iomx preference and use it
      Code removed:
      - add_media_codec_options() : merged into new function
      - static bool : we fetch the preference directly
      - No need to give iomx preference to nativeInit()
      - No need to reinit libvlc on iomx preference change
      - No need to monitor those changes
      - No need for reinit() function
      We could add a new boolean field, continue to monitor preference changes
      and update that field; then access this field from JNI instead of a method.
      Since android works well with URIs we should use media_new_location()
      (Need to check all code paths to this function)
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      Sets APP_ABI · 0c5e1205
      Rafaël Carré authored
      Attempt to disallow installing NEON builds on non-NEON devices
  2. 25 Jan, 2012 12 commits
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  5. 22 Jan, 2012 1 commit