Commit f939ce73 authored by Sébastien Toque's avatar Sébastien Toque
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ignore .bin files

parent da2735a9
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ public class Media implements Comparable<Media> {
public final static String TAG = "VLC/MediaItem";
public final static String[] EXTENTIONS = {
".3g2", ".3gp", ".3gp2", ".3gpp", ".amv", ".asf", ".avi", ".bin", ".divx", ".dv", "f4v",
".3g2", ".3gp", ".3gp2", ".3gpp", ".amv", ".asf", ".avi", ".divx", ".dv", "f4v",
".flv", ".gxf", ".iso", ".m1v", ".m2v", ".m2t", ".m2ts", ".m4v", ".mkv", ".mov", ".mp2",
".mp2v", ".mp4", ".mp4v", ".mpa", ".mpe", ".mpeg", ".mpeg1", ".mpeg2", ".mpeg4", ".mpg",
".mpv2", ".mts", ".mxf", ".nsv", ".nuv", ".ogg", ".ogm", ".ogv", ".ogx", ".ps", ".rec",
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