Commit ed4645ce authored by Jean-Baptiste Kempf's avatar Jean-Baptiste Kempf
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rename package to change versionCode

parent 08aa6939
#! /bin/sh #! /bin/sh
# Usage <new_name> <ABI>
# new_name should be a string
# ABI should be an integer, between 0 and 4
OLD_NAME=org.videolan.vlc OLD_NAME=org.videolan.vlc
NEW_NAME=org.videolan.vlc.$1 NEW_NAME=org.videolan.vlc.$1
echo $NEW_NAME $2
sed -i vlc-android/AndroidManifest.xml -e "s/versionCode\(.*\)0\"/versionCode\1$2\"/"
OLD_PATH=$(echo $OLD_NAME |sed 's/\./\//g') OLD_PATH=$(echo $OLD_NAME |sed 's/\./\//g')
NEW_PATH=$(echo $NEW_NAME |sed 's/\./\//g') NEW_PATH=$(echo $NEW_NAME |sed 's/\./\//g')
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