Commit a9603d30 authored by Edward Wang's avatar Edward Wang
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Load the entire list of songs when clicking in the browser

It is counter-intuitive and breaks user expectation since the user doesn't know why the rest of the files aren't playing as expected.
parent 23a955c5
......@@ -167,8 +167,9 @@ public class AudioBrowserFragment extends SherlockFragment {
OnItemClickListener songListener = new OnItemClickListener() {
public void onItemClick(AdapterView<?> av, View v, int p, long id) {
ArrayList<String> mediaLocation = mSongsAdapter.getLocations(p);
mAudioController.load(mediaLocation, 0);
ArrayList<String> songList = new ArrayList<String>();
int selectedId = mSongsAdapter.getListWithPosition(songList, p);
mAudioController.load(songList, selectedId);
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