Commit 99cf7dde authored by Geoffrey Métais's avatar Geoffrey Métais
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Unregister preferences listener on stop

parent 9a831aba
......@@ -31,7 +31,6 @@ import;
import org.videolan.libvlc.util.AndroidUtil;
import org.videolan.libvlc.util.HWDecoderUtil;
import org.videolan.vlc.PlaybackService;
import org.videolan.vlc.R;
import org.videolan.vlc.util.Constants;
import org.videolan.vlc.util.VLCInstance;
......@@ -73,6 +72,12 @@ public class PreferencesAudio extends BasePreferenceFragment implements SharedPr
public void onStop() {
public boolean onPreferenceTreeClick(Preference preference) {
if (preference.getKey() == null) return false;
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