Commit 30221d35 authored by Thomas Guillem's avatar Thomas Guillem

libvlcjni: remove aout_get_native_sample_rate

parent bfa9c131
......@@ -467,15 +467,3 @@ void Java_org_videolan_libvlc_LibVLC_nativeSetUserAgent(JNIEnv* env,
if (!psz_name || !psz_http)
throw_IllegalArgumentException(env, "name or http invalid");
/* used by opensles module */
int aout_get_native_sample_rate(void)
JNIEnv *p_env;
if (!(p_env = jni_get_env(THREAD_NAME)))
return -1;
jclass cls = (*p_env)->FindClass (p_env, "android/media/AudioTrack");
jmethodID method = (*p_env)->GetStaticMethodID (p_env, cls, "getNativeOutputSampleRate", "(I)I");
int sample_rate = (*p_env)->CallStaticIntMethod (p_env, cls, method, 3); // AudioManager.STREAM_MUSIC
return sample_rate;
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