Commit 3d86abab authored by Janne Grunau's avatar Janne Grunau Committed by Henrik Gramner

aarch64: Skip deblocking in 264_deblock_h_chroma_422_neon

If the parameters (alpha, beta, tc0[]) indicated that the deblocking
should have been skipped, every 2nd chrome line would have deblocked

deblock_h_chroma_422_neon: 2259 (before)
deblock_h_chroma_422_neon: 2192 (after)
parent aec81efd
......@@ -31,9 +31,9 @@
ldr w6, [x4]
ccmp w3, #0, #0, ne
mov v24.s[0], w6
and w6, w6, w6, lsl #16
and w8, w6, w6, lsl #16
b.eq 1f
ands w6, w6, w6, lsl #8
ands w8, w8, w8, lsl #8 2f
......@@ -474,10 +474,11 @@ endfunc
function x264_deblock_h_chroma_422_neon, export=1
add x5, x0, x1
sub x0, x0, #4
add x1, x1, x1
mov x7, x30
bl X(x264_deblock_h_chroma_neon)
ldr w6, [x4]
bl deblock_h_chroma
mov x30, x7
sub x0, x5, #4
mov v24.s[0], w6
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